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If you have applied already in the last three years for a study place (direct application) in the ARTS program, you can use the way of an easy reapplication. After three years you have to send all documents again, because we destroy all application files after three years.

To reapply you have to send an updated research proposal via email to the ARTS secretariat.

In this email you have to mention that you want to reapply, your name and the year you have applied the last time. Please note that reapplications for DAAD application are not possible. Please send your updated DAAD application documents again. 

Feel free to send additional documents for your reapplication to the ARTS secretariat.

The deadlines for reapplications are:

Deadline: Kind of application:
no reapplication possible, please send your updated application documents again
DAAD application
15th March in the year of intended study begin
Direct application (for non EU nor EEA citizen)
30th June in the year of intended study begin
Direct application (for EU or EEA citizen or visa free citizen)