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Information for ARTS-Students

ARTS Schedules Winter Term 2022/23

Please find ARTS time tables for both 1st and 3rd semester linked below.
However, keep in mind that you do not have to stick to the exact plans listed there, but you are actually free to pick modules from virtually all modules offered by the University of Bonn. You can check your individual time table on Basis and eCampus once you have registered for modules in the upcoming term. If there are differences between your schedule in Basis/ecampus and the schedules below, it is likely that your Basis/ecampus schedule is correct.

Semester Schedules


Individual ARTS-Courses Winter Term 2022/23



ARTS Seminar Series Summer 2023:

Coming soon...


You can find the deadlines for module and exam registrations and information concerning the master thesis process on the homepage of the examination office.