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ARTS - Events August 2014

05. August, Tuesday, 9:30 h

Welcome to ARTS integration of new students

Language course, administration, science, culture

(every day from 9:30 – 16:15 h until September 30)

ARTS-office, Nussallee 1


06. August, Wednesday, 14:00 h


Tilman Schachtsiek:

"Exploring the potential of multipurpose tree species for revegetating abandoned

cropping sites in the lower Amu Darya Basin"

Walter-Flex-Str. 3, right conference room


08. August, Friday, 14:00 h

ARTS excursion

„Buddies‘ beach volleyball“



13. August, Wednesday, 9:00 h

ARTS excursion to Kiesgrube Dünstekoven

„Nature protection on regional and local level - NABU”

Meeting point, Nussallee 5,

Afterwards: „Late_Art”

Bundeskunsthalle 18:00 h


15. August, Friday, 13:30 h

ARTS excursion

„Geology of Siebengebirge”

Meeting point: main station


20. August, Wednesday, 10:00 h


Lameck Nkhoma, Malawi:

"Improving the fuelwood cook stove efficiency with focus on local artisans in Malawi"

HS XII, Nussallee 5


20. August, Wednesday, 7:30 h

ARTS excursion

„Visit of modern and rural life in Rhineland” (SMS Meer / Kommern)

Meeting point, Nussallee 5


21. August, Thursday, 10:00 h


Moses Kazungu, Uganda:

"Socio-economic determinants for cooperation in the Barotse floodplain small-scale fishery management system, Zambia"

ILR, Nussallee 19, seminar room


23. August, Saturday, 20:00 h


Karibuni @ddis - Worldmusic from Ethiopia, Angola and Congo

Open air stage at Alter Zoll


27. August, Wednesday, 14:00 h

ARTS excursion

„House of German History”

Meeting point: main station 13:30 h