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ARTS - Events June 2015

01. June, Monday, 18:00 h

RLC-panel discussion

“Who will feed the world?”

Altes Rathaus


07. June, Sunday, 18:15 h

Bonner Universitätsforum

Prof. Michael Batty, University College London:

“Cities as laboratories against the background of climate and digital change”

Heussallee 18-24


08. June, Monday, 18:00 h


Prof. Dr. Eberhard Fischer:

“Inseln im Nebel – Diversität der Flora am Zentralafrikanischen Graben”

Deutsches Museum, Ahrstraße 45


08. June, Monday, 18:00 h

DIE-public lecture

Marianne Fay, The World Bank:

 “Decarbonizing Development: Three Steps to a Zero-Carbon Future”

German Development Institute, Tulpenfeld 6


09. June, Tuesday, 16:30 h


Beate Böhme, Uni Bonn:

“Soil water availability in agriculturally used wetlands of East Africa”

IMBIO, Seminarraum (1. Stock), Karlrobert-Kreiten-Str. 13


11. June, Thursday, 17:00 h

ARTS seminar series

Christoph Schwarte, Legal Response Initiative, London:

“Climate Law and the 2015 Paris Agreement – viable options to protect Bangladesh against land degradation and sea level rise?”

Nussallee 1, HS I


11. June, Thursday, 18:30 h

DIE – film presentation

 “1.5 – Stay alive”

LVR Landesmuseum, Colmantstraße


12 . June, Friday, 12:00 h

Inaugural lecture

Dr. Ali A. Naz, Uni Bonn:

“Green revolution versus blue revolution – a future perspective of genetic resources”

INRES-Pflanzenbau, HS V, Katzenburgweg 5


15.  June, Monday, 10:30 h

UNCCD Capacity Building Exhibition

 “What’s for lunch today? Costs and impacts of food production”

Mensa, Nassestraße 11

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15. June, Monday, 14:30 h


Heike Baumüller, Uni Bonn:

“Agricultural innovation and service delivery through mobile phones: Analyses in Kenya”

IMBIO, Seminarraum (1. Stock), Karlrobert-Kreiten-Str. 13


16.  June, Tuesday, 18:15 h

Bion Ringvorlesung

J. Kloos, Z. Sebesvari, United Nations University:

“Ecosystem-based approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change adaptation”

Main building Uni Bonn, HS VII


17. June, Wednesday, 11:00 h

UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace panel discussion

 “Unlocking the full potential of future professionals”

United Nations Campus, LEU building, conference room 1916



17. June, Wednesday, 18:00 h

ZEF Water lecture

Rawia Tawfik, DIE and Cairo University:

“Changing water politics in the Nile basin: A more equitable order emerging or a conflict delayed?”

Walter Flex Straße 3, right conference room


18. June, Thursday, 17:00 h

ARTS seminar series

Mark Schauer, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ):

“Economics of Land Degradation (ELD)”

Nussallee 1, HS I


22.  June, Monday, 9:00 h

ARTS thesis defense

Caroline Schersch, Germany:

„Lignin in rangeland soils in the South African Savanna biome: Impact of vegetation under different management use”

INRES Institut für Bodenwissenschaften, Nussallee 13, HS XIII


22. June, Monday, 11:00 – 13:15 h

DIE-public event

 “Poverty and Shared Prosperity”

German Development Institute, Tulpenfeld 6


24. June, Wednesday, 16:00 h

ZEF series lectures “Risk and Uncertainty for Sustainable Development“

Dr. Saleemul Huq, Independent University, Bangladesh,:

“The story of adaptation to climate change in the UNFCCC”

Walter Flex Straße 3, right conference room


25. June, Thursday, 17:00 h

ARTS seminar series

PD Dr. Jan Siemens, Uni Bonn:

“Pharmaceuticals in agricultural soils and their potential relevance for antibiotic resistance (Mexico)”

Nussallee 1, HS I


25. June, Thursday, 18:00 h

IRENA lecture series

Dr. Asami Miketo, IRENA:

Energy Planning and Renewable Energies in Africa”

Main building Uni Bonn, HS III

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