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ARTS - Events March 2016

02. March, Wednesday, 17:30 h

Bonn water lecture

Dr. Klaus Deininger, The World Bank:

“Water as a weapon of the IS: How to proceed in Syria and Iraq? (Wasser als Waffe des IS: Wie weiter in Syrien und Irak?)“

Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), Tulpenfeld 6


07. March, Monday, 11:00 h

ARTS defense

Aasha Subedi, Nepal :

“Impact of drought on irrigated and rained agriculture in Spain”

INRES, Katzenburgweg 5, HS V


08. – 10. March

German Plant Breeding Conference 2016

Uni Bonn, main building, Aula, HS X


14. March, Monday, 18:00 h

VHS-lecture series “Klimawandel”:

“Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die Ernährungssicherung in Ostafrika”

VHS, Mülheimer Platz 1


15. March, Tuesday, 15:30 h

ZEF-public lecture

Jeremy Bird, International Water Management Institute, Headquarters in Sri Lanka:

“Solutions for a water secure and urbanizing world”

Walter-Flex-Straße 3, right conference room


16. March, Wednesday, 12:00 h

Global Crop Diversity Trust – lunchtime seminar

Sheila Amargodono, Max-Planck Institute for Plant Breeder Research in Cologne:

“Putting life-cycle events of barley on the map: the economics of nature”

Platz der Vereinten Nationen 7,


21. March, Monday, 11:00 h

PhD defense

Evelyne Nyathira Kihiu :

“Pastoral practices, economics, and institutions of sustainable rangeland management in Kenya”

ZEF, Walter-FLex-Str. 3, right conference room


30. March, Wednesday, 16:00 h

ZEF-public lecture

Britaldo Silveira Soares Filho, Georg Forster Research Awardee 2016:

“Environmental modelling in support of sound policy development”

Walter-Flex-Straße 3, right conference room