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ARTS - Events September 2016

05. September, Monday, 14:00 h

PhD defense

Eusun Han:

"Biopore-associated root growth in arable subsoil as affected by crop sequence”

INRES-Pflanzenbau, HS V, Katzenburgweg 5


05. September, Monday, 17:00 h

Right Livelihood Campus:

"Human Rights and the Empowerment for Change. Public Talk with Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award from Gaza and Malaysia”

Old Town Hall, Markt


05. September, Monday, 20:00 h

Scientific movie evening:

"Die Eroberung der Weltmeere und die Macht der Wissenschaft”

MS Wissenschaft, the floating science center, Brassertufer


07. September, Wednesday, 8:45 h

ARTS – excursion

Nature protection project “Wacholderheide” (Eifel heathland)

Meeting point: Nussallee 5


14. September, Wednesday, 9:00 h

ARTS excursion

Guided visit of open air Museum Kommern (ancient rural life)

and a cattle farm

Meeting point: Nussallee 5 (limited places)


14. September, Wednesday, 18:00 h

ZEF public lecture

Prof. Holm Tiessen, IAI, Uruguay:

"Translating science into action”

ZEF, conference room, Walter-Flex-Str. 3


16. September, Friday, 9:00 h

ARTS defense

Christina Radis, Greece:

“Optimization of an in vitro assay to evaluate the impact of soil bacteria on plant development'”

Venue to be announced


17. – 21. September

Tropentag 201

 „Management of land use systems for enhanced food security – conflicts, controversies and resolutions”

Boku Wien

Meeting point for departure of Bus (limited places): Nussallee 5, 9:00 h


27. September, Tuesday, 9:15 h

ARTS excursion

Guided visit of Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik
Deutschland (museum of the history of Germany)

Meeting point: main station


28. September, Wednesday, 9:00 h

ARTS excursion to Duenstekoven

Jürgen Wissmann, NABU.

“The woodlands of Kottenforst (Ville-Ridge) – methods of restoring and renaturating forests and their waterhabitats”

Meeting point: main station (by bus 845)


30. September, Friday, 15:00 h

PhD defense

Elias Danyi Kuusaana:

"Large-scale land acquisitions for agricultural investments in Ghana – implications for land markets and smallholder farmers”

ZEF, conference room, Walter-Flex-Str. 3