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ARTS - Events February 2019

04. February, Monday, 15:00h

PhD - defense

Ephraim Sekyi-Annan:

“Performance evaluation of reservoir-based irrigation schemes in the Upper East region of Ghana”

ZEF, Genscherallee 3, right conference room


05. February, Tuesday, 16:00 h

ARTS - defense

Hoa Thi Doa, Vietnam:

“Helping farmers choose - Probabilistic modelling of agroforestry options in Northern Vietnam”

INRES Institute for Horticulture, Auf dem Hügel 16, lecture hall (basement)


07. February, Thursday, 9:00 h

ARTS - defense

Yan Naing Win, Myanmar:

“Development of a sequence-indexed collection of Mutator-tagged maize mutants and its application in root developmental biology”

INRES Institut Chemical Signalling, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144, HS III.03 a (3rd Floor)


07. February, Monday, 9:00h

PhD - defense

Geofrey Gabiri:

“Multi-scale modeling of water resources in a tropical inland valley and a tropical floodplain catchment in East Africa”

Geograph. Institute, Meckenheimer Allee 166, room  „Roter Saal“


11. February, Monday, 14:00h

PhD - defense

Minh Tu Nguyen:

“Drivers of change, adaptation and resilience of agricultural systems facing increased salinity intrusion in deltic coastal areas of Vietnam”

IGG, HS XVII, Nussallee 17


18. - 20. February, 11:15 h

AGEP Winter-School

 „The Nexus of Water, Energy, Soil and Food“

Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Langer Grabenweg 68, registration at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


18. February, 18:00 h

Afrikanische Aspekte

Melanie Djédjé, giz:

 „Bohnen für Benins Boden“

Haus der Bildung, Mühlheimer Platz 1